Friday, June 03, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday June 3

01 TIE New England & FC Dallas - I cannot replace NE at the top cuz they did not lose, but they are only treading water right now while FCD are clawing up and up. I really hope they can both keep this up for a while and then meet for a real thrasher of a match soon.
03 Los Angeles - They seem like the deepest team in the league right now. Their reserve squad is 4-0 too. But they could really use an official top notch goal scorer.
04 Chicago - They must be dong it with magic. I still never see much out of them, but the points are piling up. And they get the Goats at home this weekend.
05 San Jose - Like Chicago they are a bit of a mystery. The tools are there, and I have said before how much I like the younger guys in the back line. Believe me when I say that Onstad will be their achilles.
06 Kansas City - I think they are gonna sit back and wait for late in the year to make their run. The players and coaches know how to get it done. They should be taking time to play more of their youngs guys now while they can get away with it. But thats not really Gansler-ball now is it.
07 Metrostars - With Bob Bradley as the coach I am really hoping that this is their year. I love all the young guys, then add Guevara and Youri to the fun.
08 DC United - Could madness strike this team at some point and it all blows up. Like Bowyer and Dyer in the middle of a match. What a weird team. I still laugh when I think about the reporters hounding Nowak for the name of the Argentine defender he wants to sign, and he snaps back: "Diego Maradona!"
09 Real Salt Lake - Blah blah blah blah Ellinger, blah Mathis, blah blah Kries, blah blah blah Countess blah, Field Turf blah blah.
10 Colorado - See Salt Lake review but change names to Clavijo, Mastroeni, Cunningham, Cannon, and Altitude.
11 Columbus - Suck
12 Chivas USA - New coach makes no difference. I read somewhere this week that Cuadros was a decent young player..... Are you kidding me? He's terrible. And that old bum they put in goal is terrible too.

This Weekends Matches:
Chicago v Chivas USA
New England v Kansas City
Real Salt Lake v FC Dallas
Los Angeles v Metrostars
San Jose v DC United
Which leaves Colorado & Columbus with the weekend off to cry it out of their systems, then get up and fight next week.


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