Monday, June 20, 2005

News For Straight Women, Gay Men, And All Others Too

-U20 World Youth Championship - the group stage is over! Let the real games begin.
FIFA names the 14 best players from the 1st stage: Fourteen nuggets in Netherlands
Its pretty damn cool that our boys won the toughest group, over Argentina and Germany. They also did not concede a goal.
The best players for the USA so far have been: Marvell Wynne, Benny Feilhaber, Freddy Adu, Chad Barrett, and Nathan Sturgis.
So here are the next two rounds of matches:
Tue June 21
USA v Italy
Morocco v Japan
Brazil v Syria
China v Germany
Wed June 22
Nigeria v Ukraine
Netherlands v China
Columbia v Argentina
Spain v Turkey
Fri June 24
USA-Ita v Mor-Jap
Bra-Syr v Chn-Ger
Sat June 25
Nig-Ukr v Net-Chl
Col-Arg v Spa-Tur
-Confederations Cup - Mexico took the legs out from under Brazil 1-0 yesterday once they stopped diving and cheap shotting (their specialty sometimes). Jared Borgetti scored with another of his trademark flying headers. Borgetti, keeper Oswaldo Sanchez, and winger Ramone Morales all played fantastic.
After the match, Brazil's coach announced that Ronaldo will return to the team in the coming months. They sure could have used his amazing talent yesterday. But that still won't help with the Roque Jr. problem. Wow, is that guy terrible or what?!?!?! He couldn't get a start in MLS even with a semi-famous name!
Other matches: Germany 3-0 Tunisia & Argentina 4-2 Australia. The final Sunday match was Greece 0-1 Japan.
-African World Cup Qualifying scores:
Sat June 18
Senegal 2-2 Togo
Zambia 2-1 Mali
Burkina Faso 2-0 Congo
South Africa 0-2 Ghana
Uganda 1-0 Cape Verde Islands
Gabon 3-0 Rwanda
Nigeria 1-1 Angola
Kenya 0-0 Morocco
Malawi 1-3 Botswana
Sun June 19
Liberia 0-2 Republic of Congo
Cameroon 1-0 Libya
Ivory Coast 2-0 Egypt
Algeria 2-2 Zimbabwe
-MLS Week 12 Scores:
Chicago 1-1 Kansas City
Metrostars 3-2 Columbus
DC United 2-0 New England
FC Dallas 1-0 Los Angeles
San Jose 3-0 Real Salt Lake
Chivas USA 1-3 Colorado
-I kept screaming for Colorado to get Jeff Cunningham onto the field more. He made a lot of substitution and scored almost every time. He got the start yesterday against the worst team in the history of MLS, Chivas USA, and only scored 3.
-David Stokes continues to be terrible.
-Preki!! - what else can I say!
-Who woulda guessed: DC's Josh Gros was a Marine! (I suppose the hair cut was a bit of a giveaway)
-Some great MLS goals this past weekend: Buddle, Cornell Glen, two from Razov, Preki, Jaime Moreno!, Kelly Gray, Mark Chung, & Cunninghams 3! Hit this page to see em all
-Real Salt Lake as finally made it official and joined their fellow newcomers Chivas in the "We Are An Awful Team" category.
-You should listen to the full game highlights (or better yet the full game) for San Jose cuz they have the mighty Ray Hudson on the microphone giving us some fantastic stuff. He calls Kelly Gray an Intimidating Torpedo, and Wade Barrett The Elastic Man. I love Ray.
-Jamie Watson needs to get more playing time for Real Salt Lake. The Old Trio of Washington, Kries, and Mathis is not the answer.
-Brian Ching played and scored for the San Jose reserves this weekend. Looks like he is almost ready to return.
-Our old boy Jonesy drinks more of the Purple Kool-Aid and again climbs aboard the good ship MLS. MLS Owners Face Thinking Cap Time. "They want ways to pump up product, maybe even bending salary rules to get marquee players." By Grahame L. Jones, Los Angeles Times Saturday June 18
-And lastly, Totti got married - straight women and gay men commence weeping.


Blogger Zathras said...

I too was impressed by the (almost) lack of cheap-shots from Mexico. I'd like to think that some of it had to do with the presence of Pavel Pardo as captain of the side rather than Marquez.

I remember Pardo from qualifying for '98 and even then he just seemed to want to get on with it. An everpresent and unsung hero, in my opinion. Someone I'd love to see in MLS--he plays for Club America, so it might just happen!

2:56 PM  

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