Thursday, June 02, 2005

I Just Ate Sesame Chicken, Now Here's Some News

-From USA Today: "John O'Brien is most likely not going to be part of the game because he's been away too long. And after bowling last night, that would be expecting too much of the young man" said Arena.
-I guess the coach was the difference for Chivas - new coach, tie game. And Old Ramon even scored. He makes Preki, Agoos & Pope look young and spry. Hey look, they have 5 points now! New England and Dallas are only 16 ahead of them.
-If you go to the USA Soccer page you can watch a video clip from yesterdays practice. The team played Real Salt Lake and won 4-0. The coolest part was seeing Run DMB out there at full speed!
-Last nights Copa Libertadores first leg quarterfinal results:
Atletico Paranaense 3-2 Santos
Sao Paulo 4-0 Tigres
Second leg matches are on June 15
-LA of the Galaxy will be without a lot of players this weekend. Should be a good test of Sampsons coaching skillz. Donovan & Cobi with USA, Michael Umana with Costa Rica, Pando Ramirez with Guatemala, Tyrone Marshall, with Jamaica, and then Chris Albright has a knee injury, Joseph Ngwenya had hernia surgery, & Alan Gordon has a hip injury. OUCH! That is what we call dipping deep in to the well.


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