Thursday, June 16, 2005

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-Ooooooooooh Mama Mia!!!! Inter Forza! Neruzurri Forza! Glory Glory Glory. Inter 1 - Roma 0 last night for the Coppa Italia (3-0 aggregate). I am happy! So are they!
-Crabby old Grahame Jones of the LA Times seems to have come around a little on American soccer and MLS. Today he has a nice scoop, announcing that not just Chelsea, but also AC Milan and Real Madrid will play matches in the USA next month against MLS teams!
Addition: Sum United Marketing, the promoters, have now sent out a press release, with game dates included.
-Confederations Cup:
Argentina 2-1 Tunisia
Germany 4-3 Australia
Today it's the Brazilian offense (not on display two weeks ago vs Argentina) vs the Greek Defense. A possible classic. And also Japan vs Mexico. I hope the Mexi's blast em!
-Scores from the World Youth Championship:
Japan 1-1 Benin
Australia 0-3 Netherlands
Canada 0-2 Colombia
Italy 1-2 Syria
Switzerland 0-1 Brazil
Nigeria 1-2 South Korea
-Copa Libertadoes: Paranaense beat Santos 2-0 and advance to the semifinals with 5-2 aggregate win. Chivas of Guadalajara will be their opponent next Wednesday.
In the 3rd quarterfinal matchup. Tigres beat Sao Paulo 2-1, but lost 5-2 on aggregate. Sao Paulo will face the winner of River Plate and Banfield who face off tonite tied at 1-1. River is the home team tonite, so bet heavily on them to advance.
-Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Hoooooooooooooohck! Choooooooooooooke! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf! Galaxy lose again on the road! What a bunch of head cases! This time its mighty Joe Cannon, the best keeper in MLS by a mile, and his Colorodeons who do it 1-0 while finishing the game with only 9 men. YES! 9 MEN beat LA! Mastroeni red carded in the 18th minute, and then Melamed in the 60th.
-DC finally got some goals and outlasted Chicago 4-3 in what must have been a very fun match to see in person. I love watching Christian Gomez play and he did it again. But why on earth does DC pay Stokes! He is the worst. Almost every defender in the First Division is better than this guy!
-Laurent Robert has left Newcastle for Portsmouth.
-The Dallas Morning News has a very cool panoramic view of the new stadium in Frisco. I still cannot believe they named it Pizza Hut Park! That is awful, and I am not sure why, but it sounds kinda low rent. The one question that remains with me in this whole deal, is why no roof? Its Dallas. It gets real hot! The roof would be great, and it sure works in LA for noise.


Anonymous Joe said...

Many D.C. fans agree with you on Stokes. I've got a love-hate thing going, myself. But last night, after Stokesy lofted a beautiful ball to rookie center back Bobby Boswell, Boz trapped the ball at his feet, turned to the crowd and said, "I'd just like to dedicate this one to all the defenders out there," then booted it in for the game-winner. What poise!

2:53 PM  
Blogger D said...

Most DC Fans agree on Stokes. He has taken the Ezra Hendrickson "Defender we like to rag on" award the last two games.

8:50 AM  
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