Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Al Franken Is In The News As A Possible Senatorial Campaign In Minnesota Approaches. That's Not News. This Is News.

-Its the final match for Coppa Italia 2005 tonight! Inter v Roma at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. Inter has 2 glorious away goals from the first match. I am excited. Go Nerazurri Go!
-As I watched the 0-0 USA Germany match yesterday (U20 World Youth Championship) I couldn't tell if it was as dreadful looking as my eyes were telling me it was. The first 35 minutes were lively, which made for great viewing. Then with 10 minutes to go in the first half the air seemed to go out. And the second half picked up right where the first half ended until Germany attempted to make some real threats at the end, but nothing much came of that either. One thing though - I had been to the dentist and had work done which filled me with pain. Maybe that was it. Good luck USA v Egypt!
-In other U20 WYC news - Argentina beat Egypt 2-0. So now the Group D standings look like this:
team - win - draw - loss - goal diff - points
Germany 1 - 1 - 0 - +2 - 4
USA 1 - 1 - 0 - +1 - 4
Argentina 1 - 0 - 1 - +1 - 3
Egypt 0 - 0 - 2 - -4 - 0
Get all the info on the whole shebang from FIFA's special website.
-San Jose has picked up Kelly Gray from Chicago. Gray can play midfield or defense.
-In the second leg Copa Libertadores match last night, Chivas of Guadalajara held Boca Juniors to a 0-0 draw and advanced to the semifinal with a 4-0 aggregate victory! Tonight it will be Santos v Paranaense & Tigres v Sao Paulo for 2 more spots in the semi's.
-You know the FIFA rankings are a joke when Germany falls out of the top 20.
-Newcastle have signed Scott Parker from Chelsea, who had signed him from Charlton, but rarely showed him the field.
-Atlanta Silverbacks have fired coach David Vaudreuil. During his 39 games in charge the team won 17, drew 6, and lost 16.
-According to Ann Killion of the San Jose Mercury News, Quakes' Owners Doing Team More Harm Than Good. I would have to say that I agree with her, but if their intent is to sell the team to Mexicans who want to gut the roster, then why not empty the cupboards now while the items on the shelf still have some value.
-LA Galaxy play in Colorado tonight. I think this will be the start of 4 in a row on the road for them. Can they win any of 'em? History says no. Can history be rewritten?. Steve Sampson better hope so.
-And DC United is at Chicago tonight. DC hasn't scored since Tet, if I remember correctly. Come on! This would be a great game if both teams played well.
-West Ham have signed Roy Carroll from Man U.
-We all know talk is cheap (just read the crap I write every day), but I think it was good for Tim Leiweke of Metrostars owners AEG to say this about the New Jersey team: "We haven't given our best shot and I'm embarrassed by that."
-Rob Hughes tells the international version of the Freddy Adu is a savior story: Aging Saviors Failed, So U.S. Tries Adu
-Its not soccer, but its pretty cool - Asafa Powell from Jamaica has broken the 3 year old record in the 100 meters. Its now down to 9.77 seconds!
-The weekly "All-American XI" on Big Soccer is always fun to read. Don't know why I haven't pimped it out to you sooner. Here's Week 11.


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