Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yesterday's News Today

I got a little busy yesterday and this stuff did not get posted
-So the deal for Mike Petke leaving DC United turns out to be a swap with Colorado for Chris Henderson. But Henderson is not actually headed for DC, rather Columbus who is sending someone unknown at this time to DC. I figure it must be a player from outside the league that DC is not in a place to reveal yet. Interesting! Rumor also has it that Columbus is going to release a player to make room for Henderson.
-This leaves Colorado without Chung or Henderson who have been their best players for the past couple of years. (Although that's not saying much.)
-Josh Wolff has been called into the USA lineup for Saturday beating of England. Excellent choice.
-Ronnie O'Brien of FC Dallas is the MLS Player of the Week.
-The Alpha Men by Phil Ball - Phil picks his La Liga team of the season. (Great reading as always.)

Also: I will be in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon watching the UEFA Champions League final at The Local. Milan v Liverpool starting at 1:30pm central time.


Anonymous Bill said...

The rumor is that the Petke deal was done by DCU to get an allocation (or half allocation) and free up cap space for a foreign acquisition this summer, an unnamed young defender currently playing in Argentina.

1:16 PM  

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