Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Robbie Savage Is A Fool & Other News Of The Day

-Freddy Adu of DC United is the MLS Player Of The Week for week 6.
-Fulham's Liam Rosenior is the guy who has been getting playing time instead of our Carlos Bocanegra at left back. But Rosey got a red card in the last match, so will 'los get playing time in the final game of the season.? This should tell us something about the dudes future at Craven Cottage.
-Nick Sakiewicz "runs" the Metrostars, and he agreed to do an interview with a fansite connected to Matchnight. He pulls no real punches in his answers. But the interview goes a long way toward proving that he is an executive officer of Major League Dickwads (MLD). He is also really paranoid. And pompous. And delusional. He also shows that he does not care if his team wins or loses as long as they make money. Yes, he is one of THOSE people. Nick's an idiot.
-Things are so bad with crowd control in North Korea that they not only have been ordered to play their next World Cup Qualifier behind closed doors, but they have also been ordered to play the game in another (neutral) country. That's' pretty bad. Therefore, the next game, June 8, vs Japan will be played in Bangkok Thailand. A whole country full of idiots!
-Fernando Hierro, currently with Bolton, and a Real Madrid legend, is going to retire next week after the season ends.
-Another world class football fool, Francesco Totti, got suspended for 5 games by the Italian soccer governing board for punching a guy on another team during a match. Totti thought the punishment was too harsh, cuz it was only his 50th or 60th time getting suspended for his behavior, so he took the league to court. He lost. And he's an idiot.
-I have been seeing a lot of headlines this week about the Beach Soccer World Championships...... Oh, who fuckin cares! Seriously!
-Did you know that Diego Maradona was the new executive director of Boca Juniors?
-Did you also know that Robbie Savage is a fool? And an idiot?
-The Independent is another of the decent newspapers in England to read soccer stories from. Mainly cuz its not a tabloid. They have a really good story/diary written by an old veteran named Iwan Roberts describing the crazy season he just went thru. It's a great read. Diary Of A Footballing Nomad.
-I too am an idiot.
-Voting for this summers MLS All-Star Game starts today.


Anonymous Bill said...

I finally got around to reading the Sakiewicz interview. Dear god, this man makes more of an ass out of himself everytime he opens his mouth. If that were possible...

The Metrostars are going the way of the dodo, it seems. How this guy still has a job is anybody's guess. Oh, wait, he has 'inside knowledge' about that Harrison deal. Yep, 60-90 days. Just wait...

8:11 PM  

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