Monday, May 16, 2005

Of The Four...

I honestly never gave West Bromwich Albion a chance to be the one to stay alive in the EPL (like a post nuclear cock-a-roach) (by beating Portsmouth), while the other three all choked on someone elses vomit. So I guess I must toast the Baggies, and send a farmer blow in the direction of the others. (Norwich got blasted 6-0 by a lousy Fulham team - lead by American Hero Brian McBrides two goals) (Crystal Palace drew with Charlton) (Southampton not surprisingly lost to Man U).
The BBC web site has a pretty cool little run down of the exact action from the relegation battle yesterday.
All four teams were still in danger and kicked off at exactly the same time, so here's how the next two hours see-sawed for all the teams involved:
-At Kick-off: NORWICH safely out of the bottom three in 17th place (Saints & Palace next, and WB in last)
-At 10 mins: SOUTHAMPTON safe, as they score and Norwich concede
-At 58 mins: WEST BROM safe, as they take lead against Pompey
-At 71 mins: CRYSTAL PALACE safe, as they go 2-1 in front at Charlton
-At 82 mins: WEST BROM safe, as Charlton level against Palace
-At Full-time: WEST BROM confirmed safe, as final whistle goes on 2-2 draw at The Valley for Palace.
West Brom get all 3 points, for a total of 34
Palace get 1, for a total of 33
Norwich & Saints get 0, for a total of 33 & 32 respectively


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