Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Mornings Splendiforous News Bits

-My beloved team, the Minnesota Thunder, kicked off their 2005 season with a draw in Portland on Friday night
-A huge congrats go out to Chelsea for dominatingly won the EPL. An unlimited budget, a couple of homegrown stars, and great manager all add up to them being nearly unstoppable this season. Frank Lampard scored 2 in the match to clinch the title. His first goal came only a few minutes after he took a shot "south of the border" and appeared to be in considerable pain (natch!) His second was on a lovely counter attack breakaway to seal it up. Their keeper, Peter Cech, was awesome this season. So was John Terry. Again, congratulations to Chelsea.
-And Lyon wrapped up the French title this past weekend as well. 4 in a row for them!! CORRECTION: Bill tipped us off to the fact that Lyon did not wrap it up yet. They can this coming weekend, which would make it 4 in a row. Thanks Bill.
-In MLS, Clint Dempsey did it again for New England as they tipped a much improved defensive Chivas 1-0. LA proved that they are more real than FC Dallas right now, kicking their asses 3-0 at the HDC. KC & DC played to an ugly 0-0 draw - blechhhhhhh. Chicago mopped up on the Crew 2-0 in Columbus. San Jose came from behind to draw 2-2 in Salt Lake City. And Metrostars bitch-slapped Colorado 3-1 in the Mile High City.


Blogger Bill said...

I don't think Lyon has Ligue Un wrapped up just yet. I think they can do so this weekend, though.

2:30 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks man
i appreciate the correction
i also missed bayern clinching in germany

1:37 PM  

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