Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sweet Fancy Nacogdoches

Did you see Clint Dempsey, the man from Nacogdoches TX, in action last night. He is really good. And very exciting to watch. You don't know where he is going to pop up on the field, or what he is going to do with the ball. He may be the most exciting American I have seen since the other Clint exploded on to the scene. We have to hope though, that Dempsey is not Mathis.
Being the reigning MLS Player Of The Week seemed to spur Dempsey on. He played like he had decided that he wants to make the award all his own for a while. Fine with me, cuz he's brilliant out there. His team beat up Chicago pretty bad, in Chicago, 3-0. Dempsey, Noonan and Twellman all scored! I think New England is gonna be number 1 next week, unless Dallas really pulls off something special on Saturday night.
And Glenn Davis of the Houston Chronicle is obviously a genius, cuz he feels the same way I do about Dempsey.


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