Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The News From Ichikoo Park

-PSV didn't have a chance yesterday, did they. Milan showed again why they are so powerful. 2-0 win at home, now they just have to hold it together next week on the road and they are thru to the Champions League final.
-Chelsea is gonna do the same thing to Liverpool today (only worse)
-So it seems as though this sharing of the stadium with a baseball team is not going so hot for DC. Joe J tells us that one side of the field is 6 yards longer than the other! How does that happen? 6 yards longer? It still hasn't helped the home side much though has it.
-Columbus Crew midfielder Ross Paule has been forced to retire at age 29 because of Post-Concussion Syndrome. I thought he looked to be really coming on strong the last two years, but the steady string of concussions held him out for longer and longer periods of time. Its a shame. I have seen the effect that multiple concussions can have on a person and it is not good. Paule is set to become a coach for the Crew reserve squad. Good luck to Ross.
-With Columbus acquiring Cornell Glen from Dallas yesterday, they have released Dante Washington today.


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