Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Little Bit Of Soul & News

-Despite all the talk of the contrary, it turns out that Chivas USA not only doesn't have the best fans in all of MLS, they actually have the worst! This story is kind of irony I like: Before the season started we all know that the brand new Chivas got all the pub about their amazing fans and the atmosphere they were going to be creating etc etc etc blah blah blah. The owner, Vergara, kept telling us that el Chivalitos were gonna show the rest of us how its done. Guess what Jorge? You drew 18,000 to your grand opening party. The worst home debut attendance for any new MLS team ever! EVER!! SIEMPRE!!!!!!! The next weekend at the same stadium, the Galaxy sold out their home opener, with over 27,000 strong! Way to go People of the Galaxy. Stuff the goats! I can't wait for the first derby (Saturday April 23, 8pm central time on ESPN2). The Gals will put a serious beat-down on the Goats!
-New England has named former USA defender Mike Burns as their Director of Soccer. I don't really knows what this means. It sounds like a General Manager position to me. One thing I hope they decided on ahead of time, is that Mike's job does not entail him to have to guard the back post at any time.
-Hell, they should put Burns in charge of making the field look playable. Watching on TV the other night, it looked horrible. Do they have no pride in their organization? It was all brown, and sandy and still had the frickin football lines. Pathetic. How can the fans take the team seriously if the team doesn't take the game seriously. Its not the fans job to show up. It is the teams job to make the fans want to show up. And the little things count.


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