Monday, April 25, 2005

Lame Lame Lame

On Saturday night, Eddie "Popey" Pope of Real Salt Lake got a straight red card after hacking down Dallas forward Ed "Grown Ass Man" Johnson. While it clearly was a foul, I didn't think it looked nearly worthy of red, maybe a yellow, and possibly not even that. I felt bad for Pope.
But then I read this in the Dallas Morning News today:
FC Dallas fans gasped as Eddie Johnson lay on the turf in obvious pain for about two minutes after Eddie Pope's awkward 72nd-minute challenge, getting called for a foul that earned the well-respected U.S. international defender an immediate expulsion.
Afterward, Johnson said he was faking the injury, hoping to draw the foul.
"I still can't do it as well as him," Johnson said, laughing, and pointing toward teammate Carlos Ruiz.
That's just plain lame on Johnsons part.
So Pope gets three games for the red card. How many does Johnson get for admitting he faked it? I say he gets three also!


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