Friday, April 08, 2005

The Du Nord MLS Rankings for the Week of April 8

1 Kansas City - DC United
3 FC Dallas
4 Columbus
5 New England
6 Chicago
7 Colorado
8 San Jose
9 Real Salt Lake
10 Los Angeles
11 Metrostars
12 Chivas USA

Co-Number 1's - KC wins at home with great attack, and a defense that can only get better after letting two in. But the tie goes to DC who wins big on the road against a serious home crowd advantage, moving them up a spot to share the top.
In 3rd - Dallas unveils that lethal attack and stays at #3.
Fourth - Goes to Columbus for pulverizing Steeeeeveee Sampsons discombobulated bushwhackers. They move up a spot!
5th - Is, New England who actually drop down two spots, but got a nice comeback win on the road. This spot feels right though, cuz I think I had them ranked too high to begin with. My fault.
In Sixth Place - Chicago lost at their rival, but on the road, and scored after going down a man. Not bad. If they can score they will be good.
7th - Colorado stays put after scoring 2 on the road in KC. The bummer is that their amazing goalkeeper Joe Cannon gave up 3. But ya gotta give em credit for the effort.
Number 8 - San Jose, drops a spot. They led 2-0 at home and settled for a draw.
Ninth Place - Belongs to new kids RSL who kept Metros off the board and earned their first point ever. On the road no less. I heard Eddie Pope stuffed his old team.
Big Ten - Its LA and they were horrible in a 3-0 beating by the Crew. Hahahahahah, Landycakes didn't play cuz he had a tummy ache.
11 - Is the Miserable Mets. A scoreless draw at home to an expansion team stocked with grandads and toddlers. Shame on you.
And 12th - Specially reserved for our Goatish friends from the City of Angels, who have no offense or defense to speak of. Ok, so they pass the ball around fairly well. Good luck winning with that.


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