Friday, April 22, 2005

Du Nord MLS Rankings for April 22

01 FC Dallas
02 Kansas City
03 New England
04 DC United & Columbus
06 Chicago
07 Los Angeles
08 Real Salt Lake
09 San Jose
10 Colorado
11 Metrostars & Chivas USA

01 Only Dallas looks to be able to stop Dallas early in the season. They have the weapons in Johnson, Ruiz & O'Brien. Can the defense hold? They get the fresh Real meat at home on Saturday.
02 Had the chance to pulverize Metro last week and blew it. The defense failed again. That makes 6 goals allowed in just 2 games played. They talk like they are going to take every other team apart. They have a chance to do it in San Jose
03 The best front 5 in MLS. Had the week off.
04 TIE: DC had a very very tough week, with 3 games in six days, and it did not go well. But the end of the match in Columbus showed what might happen as the year develops: Esky-Moreno-Gomez-Adu all on the field together. On the other hand, without Namoff or any new defenders coming in, they could just get smoked by NE (who want revenge for last years playoff loss). Columbus is a total mystery to me. They have the team, all the way around. I guess it must be the coach who is holding them back year after year.
06 The Fire have to still be reeling and wandering after the whole Peter Wilt debacle. Can they score? Nice steal of the points over SJ.
07 LA also had the week off. So which team will show up this week: 3-0 winners, or 0-3 losers. Did you know I hate Steve Sampson?
08 RSL got the win in their home debut. And the crowd was righteous. (In Your Face Chivas!) They looked decent too. DJ Countess is going to cost them games though. Is this where Fat Tony will get the call from?
09 SJ is in trouble, they have no idea how bad their defense might be.
10 The Rapids stink. But they have Joe Cannon so they are not the worst. If Cunningham and Peguero ever play the whole team will be 100% better then they are right now.
11 TIE: Metro & Chivas tied together like two dudes who crossed the mafia and ended up wearing the same pair of cement overshoes while swimming the Mississippi River. Both do have potential, especially the Mets. But they have to get it together soon. Chivas? I have no idea. They don't look like they have the players. Better go get some Jorge!


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