Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sunday, that's my Bun-Day

I have sent this email around to about 2 dozen people I know who are not soccer fans per se. And I think you should copy it, and send it around to all of your non-soccer loving friends as well (and if possible, send it in blood red typeface)

i know you do not dig the beautiful game
that's cool
you are retarded
but that's cool
not really, but.....
i must implore you to see a sporting spectacle on sunday the likes of which you have never seen
usa vs mexico in world cup qualifying
live from the azteca stadium in mexico city
azteca holds 120,000
its at 7,200 feet altitude
and mexico city is the most smog riddled city in the world
its nearly impossible to win there
mexico has only lost 1 game there - EVER
but the usa has never been better then they are right now
and they have mexicos number
they are in their head
all month long the mexican coach has been saying that this is the match of matches
while the usa coach has been saying that this is just one more game in the long road to world cup qualifying
mexico is scared
if they lose, the coach will be fired - immediately!
and add to that, that this is the most heated rivalry in international soccer in the winter of 2005
no its not england-germany
or china-japan
or argentina-brazil
or iraq-iran (well, ok)
but usa-mexico
this makes red sox-yankees baseball, cowboys-redskins football, and fighting sioux-golden gophers college hockey look like your sister and your neighbors sister playing barbies in the back yard on a nice july afternoon
i am serious
12 noon central time
sunday march 27
it will be muy muy grande explosivo
thank you for reading along


Blogger Joe said...

This is hilarious. I've been sending out similar things myself. Except not as funny. So now I'm borrowing yours instead. But giving you credit, of course. Whoever you are.

9:00 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

hey there joe
glad you dug it
and feel free to use it all you want man
we have to spread the word far and wide that the beautiful game is the only way to go
carry on

4:14 PM  

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