Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Reyna's Return

Claudio Reyna finally made his way back onto the field for Man City last night in a 1-0 loss to Bolton.
Reyna has not played since September because of a thigh muscle injury, except for a partial game in November in which he came back too early and reinjured himself.
He didn't have a brilliant game, but he rarely does. What he did (and almost always does) do best is have a steady, solid, nearly flawless match in the midfield for a team that is sorely lacking all of those qualities.
Reyna had 4 or 5 really good tackles, several good passes & almost no errant passes, plus a handful of quick charges toward goal that created or added to Man City's only real offensive threats all night.
So hats off to Claudio on his return. I really hope he gets to suit up for the USA very soon.
As for the rest of Man City, since I watched the whole match, I felt like I should comment on their pathetic existence.
Team is OK straight down the middle of the park.
David James, their keeper, used to be Calamity James, but somehow has straightened that crap out and become quite good. He was amazing against Chelsea a few weeks ago. I think his problems started and ended with that awful dyed blonde hair he sported. It looked like a sheeps butt. Its gone now and so is his crappy play.
Dunne and Distin are decent in the center back.
Paul Bosvelt and Reyna are a good pair in the middle.
Fowler is good up front, and better then he has been for a few years.
Shaun Wright Phillips, playing on the right wing, is their only star, but he is hurt.
That leaves a group of terrible outside players that kill this team. Wingers and defenders alike.
The worst culprit is right back Danny Mills. He actually thinks he is a tough guy. He is a cheap shot specialist who seems constantly pissed off, and he has to be one of the worst passers I have ever seen at this level. I would guess he touched the ball 30 times last night, and give it away 25. Brutal!
Lastly, their coach Kevin Keegan has to go. He should not have been hired in the first place, but the stay is long overdone. And he dresses like he is 20. (Which I guess is better than me, cuz I dress like I am 15)
Man City's opponent last night was decent.
Bolton Manager Big Sam sits up there in the stands mauling his gum and talking constantly on his two way radio to his field coach. He was even spotted signing autographs while the game was in action. What a talent.
They have a pretty good defense lead by former Real Madridian Hierro.
They are no flash - but quality anyway.
Jay Jay Okacha is a blast to watch, but he got hurt right before half time. I think JJ is getting old and little worn.
Then you add in El Hadji Diouf, and you get some fine TV viewing. He is a trouble maker, and a hell of a competitor. Sure he dives and cheapshots, then acts indignant. Its funny. He scored the game winner though, so give him a thumbs up.
Their greatest asset though was acquiring the long lost Marx brother, Campo Marx. Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo delighted us for years, but Campo left Vaudeville for football. Good Move Campo.


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