Monday, March 14, 2005

News & Updates & Stuff for Today

-Ramon wants back in! Ramon Ramirez walked out on Chivas USA last week. He went back to Mexico, and probably found out that no one down there wants him. So now he is back in LA begging for his paycheck again. Will Chivas USA give him a second chance? I would think so, anyone deserves a second chance. But if he screws this up, I say "Can his ass"! And it looks like the the young punk who walked out with Ramon, Luis Sandoval, is begging for his job back too! Hahahahahahahahahaha. This shit is just too funny.
-Another American wins a British soccer award: "The second annual Carling Cup New Talent Award will go to Jay DeMerit of Watford." - Ok then.
-See the trailer for the British Movie "Hooligans" - I guess its about footbal hooligans, and it stars one of those little short guys from Lord of the Rings (Elijah Woods) and wow(!) does this look horrible! - A Side Note: Were those little short guys in LOTR called trolls? If not they should have been.
-Also see the trailer for "The Game Of Their Lives" - This is the story of the infamous & improbable USA 1-0 win over England at the 1950 World Cup, and I must say its looks pretty damn cornball. Probably cuz its made by the folks who did Hoosiers and Rudy - also very very cornball.
-Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl makes the big scoop again, reporting over the weekend that MLS turned down $4 million from Benfica for Eddie Johnson.
-Watch DaMarcus serve up another winner - his corner kick is dead on the money, and Alex slams it home in PSV's 4-0 win over ADO.
- I hate Toronto! Just wanted to make that clear.


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