Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And Now, The News

Mostly American Soccer News for March 9
-Rumor has it that England will be playing some games in the USA in late May and early June. Looks like a game against Mexico in Chicago at Soldier Field on May 28, and a game against the USA in Foxboro (Boston) at Gillette some time right around then.
-Diego "El Bloato" Maradona has had his stomach stapled. Good for him.
-The Chicago Fire sold Damani Ralph to Rubin Kazan of Russia. Damn, they have sold a lot of quality players in the last year and a half. Bocanegra, Beasley and now Ralph. I hope this one doesn't hurt them as much as the last two did. Getting back to Ralph, why would you want to play in Russia anyway?
-To try and fill the loss of Ralph, Chicago called Fulham to see if they are sick of Brian McBride and want to sell him. Fulham said no. I don't know who this is good for.
-Chicago also has a webcam now pointed at the spot where their new stadium is being built - so you can keep track of all activity
-Former DC United defender Ryan Nelson who went to Blackburn in January came on to the pitch the other night for the FA Cup match wearing the captains armband. Very cool for him. He has only played 6 games for them and he is already captain!
-Well it looks like the 2005 MLS All-Star Game will feature our stars against Fulham. The game is on July 30 at Crew Stadium in Columbus. Am I supposed to get excited about this?
-Los Angeles Galaxy now have 4 idiots with dread-locks. Don't they know this went out of style in the late 80's. The guilty dudes are: Cobi Jones leads the charge, with last years addition Joseph Ngwenya, and new boys El Pando Ramirez, and Ugo Ihemelu joining in on the fun.
-Chivas USA's big Mexican superstar Ramon Ramirez didn't even last a month with the team. He quit yesterday, saying it was some family thing concerning visa's etc etc etc. We have heard this a thousand times already from foreigners coming to American thinking the game will be a little waltz for them. But in their first two preseason matches, Chivas was throttled by the MLS players getting ready for World Cup Qualifiers 7-0, and San Jose 3-0. Apparently Ramon was not too happy about it, so he took his ball and went home. Hey Ramon, take a seat down there at the end of the bench with your buddies Luis Hernandez, Gilles Grimandi, Darrel Powell, Lothar Mattheus, and Steve Howe. MLS has become a tough league. The teams are tough, the players are tough, the travel is tough. It's tough being a pro! Chivas co-owner Antonio Cue didn't have anything good to say to Ramon either: "If Ramon thinks (he) is above the team, he's not going to be with the team."
-Jamil Walker was released from his contract by Chivas USA last week, and signed with DC United this week.
-Costa Rica was fined, and fans banned from attending upcoming qualifiers after crowd violence
-Who knew that the Mormons of Utah could get so pissed off - I like them more every day.
-Alexi Lalas relives the gigantic USA win over Colombia in the 94 World Cup
-As do Earnie Stewart, Claudio Reyna, Kasey Keller, Eddie Pope and others
-Sean Wheelock of Fox Soccer Channel has written two articles recently raving about the city of Toronto and why they should have a team in MLS. His main source of info on both stories has been the President of the company that wants to start up a team. Fair enough. But shouldn't we hear the other side. I have felt for a while now that the company Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment is a crappy organization that is only in it for the money - NOT quality! The other sports teams they own stink. The Toronto NBA team is a joke! Why will the soccer team be any different? A story from a Montreal newspaper says the same things I do, but with a lot more skill, detail, and first hand knowledge. And one more thing, I really don't much care for Canada, cuz it's pretty dull.


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