Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Twitter Q & A with USA Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann

This afternoon supporters sent in questions via Twitter that USA head coach Jurgen Klinsmann answered.

Here is a full run down of the Q & A:

@VermontOutlaw What improvements have u seen
JK: Quick buildup out of the back. Getting better at high pressure. Still need more goals!

@flavland What roll should youth leagues play in developing players?
JK: Kids need to play more consistently through the entire year.

@WaltDisneyWorld Coach's thoughts on going to training at #ESPNWWOS
JK: Looking forward to it. Awesome complex and lots to do!

@AdamTheRed When will roster be out?
JK: Camp roster released in two phases: Mostly Euro-based players on 5/15, mostly MLS-based on 5/20

@RobertPoche Are you committed to 4-3-3 or could you change?
JK: Not committed to 4-3-3. We can always adjust based on our needs.

@DangerParks Do you think that Clint dempsey should stay at fulham or move to a bigger club?
JK: It's totally up to Clint and the club.

@Omarmar09 What do you look for in younger players?
JK: Many things: for example, technical skills, character, speed,

@Ampatent Will WCQ will you use a consistent gameplan or continue to experiment?
JK: No experiments. It's about getting results.

@MontysAmendment Favorite thing about living in America?
JK: It's a land of endless opportunity.

@GoalOp Importance of staying on the same page w/ team?
JK: Don't always have to be on same page, but important to always communicate.

@spacehead3 What's your opinion of the new uniform?
JK: Awesome! I wish I could still play!

@coachJQA What do you do for team building exercises?
JK: Take the team to special places. For example: Ground Zero, Panama Canal, Versaille

@bayerngk do you get to play much anymore?
JK: Unfortunately not. Too busy preparing the team for the upcoming camp.

@EBJunkies, @BrettHaber Watching any @dcunited players?
JK: Constantly watching all MLS players, including Hamid, Kitchen & Pontius.

@KYCKfutbol 5 games in 18 days. How will you keep players fresh?
JK: No problem. Players are used to playing that rhythm.

@RamonL05 Will lineup for all games be the same?
JK: 23 players on roster for 5 gms. Lineups very similar, but all based on performance.

@Brockbusta Besides Germany, who's your pick for UEFA Euro 12?
JK: Team to beat is Spain, but Germany can do it.

@shaunterouse What as USMNT fans should we do to help promote the game?
JK: Come support the team. Home field advantage is huge!

@MarshallWebb1 What kind of lineup should we expect v. Scotland?
JK: The best lineup based on form. Jacksonville is going to be great!

@aaronjl_ What does it take to be a top coach?
JK: Always be a student of the game. Coaching education and licenses are important.

@AlexEnglenSKC do you have any pregame rituals?
JK: A double espresso in the locker room.

@N3cr06 Any senior players playing against Brazil?
JK: We will bring a full strength squad to FedExField. It's a great opportunity!

@Thormometer Given the chance, what GK in history would you like to go one-on-one against?
JK: Walter Zenga

@alexcforrest What's most important for young players (u-8)?
JK: Play as much as possible on their own and just have fun!

@keyskkdo you believe that to be a good coach, one must first have been a goodplayer?
JK: No, not necessarily.

@brettface What are your feelings about some Earthquakes players?
JK: They are doing great, and Wondo keeps scoring.

@SoonerNate67 Do you stay in touch with players regularly?
JK: yes - by phone, text, email, twitter - whatever it takes!


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