Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Got That Special Feeling


Now that was the best tie I’ve ever watched. Down early 2-0 the US fought back hard to earn a tie in the final seconds of the game, keeping the US at the top of the table and pushing Honduras into the World Cup.

Bornstien scores as heard on Honduran radio.

Two nations exploded with sound as, Bornstien’s head hit the ball and sent it bouncing into the bottom corner of the net.

As the US team celebrated, the large and rancorous crowd danced and shook the stands. The cheers weren’t just for the tie; they were for the successful completion of the long and arduous path that is World Cup Qualifying.

At the front of everyone’s mind was Charlie Davies in his hospital room. Though he wasn’t conscious to watch the game, he was on the mind of everyone watching and playing. Altidore was full of emotion as he desperately tried to score to honor his friend.

As the team celebrated the successful campaign, Landon waved a flag with a large 9 and the initials “AJR.”

Tears were in the eyes of every American supporter. In the booth, Alexi Lalas fought to keep the tears back.

The table doesn’t lie. The USA sits at the top.



Standings after 10 of 10 rounds:
IN - 20 USA
IN - 19 Mexico
IN - 16 Honduras
- - - - -
Playoff - 16 Costa Rica
- - - - -
OUT - 8 El Salvador
OUT - 5 Trinidad & Tobago


-Post game analysis from Grant Wahl
-Match report from US Soccer
-Post game analysis by Ives for ESPN


Why the crap did ESPN cut away from the US speech to show a crappy montage. How super irritating.


Graham's Top 4:
1. Jonathan Bornstein - Bornstien capped a great night with a powerful header that was placed perfectly in the corner. He deserves this one.

2. Keylor Navas - The Costa Rican and Sapprisa goalkeeper was huge all night long. Especially at the end he came through with punch after powerful punch. His decisiveness kept Costa Rica in the game and the US out of goal as they constantly threatened.

3. Bryan Ruiz - What a pair of great goals by Ruiz, the FC Twente striker. He took advantage of hesitant defending in both instances, and finished solidly. His second strike was magical. Hit perfectly with the left foot it swerved into the top left corner and was the goal of the night.

4. Rene Simoes - Without Costa Rica's coach throwing a huge temper tantrum and getting sent off, their never would have been five minutes of added time. Without those five minutes the US loses 2-1.


Argentina has qualified but Maradona continues to make an ass of himself. It's been reported he told reporters they, (loose translation) "Take it up the ass."


Let’s take a quick trip down history lane. Here are the highlights from each the of the US’ World Cup Qualifiers. What is your favorite result? What is your favorite goal?

Feb 11 Wed USA 2-0 Mexico - Crew Stadium - Columbus OH

Mar 28 Sat El Salvador 2-2 USA - Estadio Cuscatlan - San Salvador ES

Apr 01 Wed USA 3-0 Trinidad & Tobago - LP Field - Nashville TN

Jun 03 Wed Costa Rica 3-0 USA - Estadio Ricardo Saprissa - San Jose, CR

Jun 06 Sat USA 2-1 Honduras - Soldier Field - Chicago IL

Aug 12 Wed Mexico 2-1 USA - Estadio Azteca - Mexico City

Sep 05 Sat USA 2-1 El Salvador - Rio Tinto Stadium - Salt Lake City UT

Sep 09 Wed Trinidad & Tobago 0-1 USA - Hasley Crawford Stadium - Port of Spain, Trinidad

Oct 10 Sat Honduras 2-3 USA - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Oct 14 Wed USA v Costa Rica - DC


Advantage Played
Till Next Time – Graham (


Anonymous Richard from Los Angeles said...

Awesome work, Graham! You did a wonderful job of filling in for Bruce.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Martin Hajovsky said...

duGraham, you are the Joey Bishop of duNord! well done.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"4. Rene Simoes - Without Costa Rica's coach throwing a huge temper tantrum and getting sent off, their never would have been five minutes of added time. Without those five minutes the US loses 2-1."

Man, you have a staggering problem with logic.

The reason 5 minutes was added on, is because there was 5 minutes where the ball was not in play due to the interruption by Costa Rica's coach.

So, if Costa Rica's coach did NOT throw the tantrum, the 5 minutes would have STILL been played---it just wouldn't have been called "injury time."
In other words, Bornstein's goal would have taken place in the 90th minute, rather than the 5th minute of injury time.

Therefore, your assertion that the game-tying goal would not have taken place, is simply ridiculous.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Bryan said...

Uhhh...I agree with you, Graham. And anonymous' fuzzy logic sounds like Tim McCarver

2:37 PM  
Blogger Graham said...

Did you know that when a butterfly flaps his wings it causes goals to be scored on the other side of the world?

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the comment was twitter I would totally be RTing Martek's post.

excellent post Graham


7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You and your loyal sycophants seriously don't even grasp the concept of injury time ?

Injury time is merely making up for wasted time---due to injury, fake injury, or coaches throwing tantrums---it is not some kind of nefarious, unfair, last-gasp additional time randomly given by the referee in order to give the home team a sneaky advantage.

While the clock said "95th minute," the second half of the game was still only 90 minutes of PLAYING time...and Bornstein's goal came in what was actually the 90th minute of ACTUAL PLAYING time.

The USA did not receive some kind of unfair advantage.

The restitution of injury time merely ensures that the teams play a full 90 minutes.

Your inability to grasp this remains staggering.

There are some great books about understanding soccer on the shelves of your local library.
Many of them are specifically written for soccer moms and dads whom are just learning about the game.

Check one out.


1:24 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

dont you just love a good old fashioned self righteous anonymous asshole tell us all how stupid we are!?!?

nah, me neither.

7:31 PM  

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