Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some News for Thu Jun 25


One of my favorite writers for the past 25 years has died - Steven Wells. Never for the faint of heart, always for the strong of wit and will, I first read his stuff in the English music weekly New Music Express (NME) and later in the Guardian. He died of cancer at age 49. Please have a good thought for his family today. The past few years Swells, as he was known, was living in Philadelphia and regularly contributing to the Philadelphia Weekly. This week his battle with cancer story is on the cover of that paper. Powerful stuff. The Guardian has a very nice remembrance of a guy you really did feel you could call a mate, or arsehole, he didn't mind either one. The NME has a little something today, and promise more next week. RIP Steven, RIP my man!


It will be USA v Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final.

Semifinal Match:
-Wed Jun 24
USA 2-0 Spain - USA goals by Jozy Altidore & Clint Dempsey.


Spanish paper AS reports some horrible news that appears to have gone unnoticed over here: Michael Bradley not only got the Red Card late in the game which will force him to miss the Final, but he also waited for the referee in the tunnel after the match ended and verbally abused him, (link is in Spanish) meaning he will probably incur the wrath of FIFA and get a much longer suspension.


Reports From South Africa:
Match report from the Mail & Guardian.
Post game quotes by Spain players from the Mail & Guardian.
Match report from Business Day.
Post game analysis by IOL.
Match report from the Johannesburg Times.
Match report from Kick Off.
Post game analysis from
Match report from The Herald of Zimbabwe.
Match report from Reuters.
Match report from Football 365 Africa.


Reports From Europe:
Match report from La Gazzetta Dello Sport.
Post game analysis by Amy Lawrence of the Guardian.
Post game analysis by Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports.
Match report by Gabriele Marcotti of The Times of London.
Match report from the Independent of England.


Report From The Middle East
Post game analysis from The National of UAE.


Reports From The USA:
Post game analysis by Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated.
Match report by Jere Longman of the New York Times.
Player ratings by Jeffrey Marcus of the New York Times blog Goal.
Match report and Player ratings by Steve Davis at ESPN Soccernet.
Post game analysis by Andrew Hush of ESPN Soccernet.
Match report from the Philadelphia Daily News.
Match report by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.
Player ratings by Mahoney of Soccer America.
Match report from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Match report from Bloomberg.
Post game analysis from the Wall Street Journal.
Post game analysis from the Boston Globe blog Corner Kicks.
Match report from the LA Times.
Match report from the Washington Post.
Audio report from NPR's All Things Considered show. (thanks to Gene for this one)


USMNT Official Blog


George Vecsey of the New York Times calls the win "a Miracle on Grass."


Luke Cyphers of Soccernet writes about Carlos Bocanegra's return to the lineup.


Brent Latham of Soccernet on Jozy Altidore's torching of his Villarreal teammates, especially Joan Capdevila on the goal.


Fulham FC with an article on their player Clint Dempsey.


The Philadelphia Inquirer with an article on coach Bob Bradley and his sports connected family.


IOL on the coming of age of Jozy Altidore.


A reader named Matthew sent me an email this morning saying that an ESPN commentator last night used the word "twitchily" to describe how Tim Howard made a save yesterday, in reference to Howards affliction with Tourette syndrome. That's pretty low class even for the former jocks at ESPN.


My Italian friend Danielle is very happy to have predicted a USA win over Spain! We shall wait until Friday to see what he has to say about the final.


Andrew Hallett from Football 365 Africa blogs about how much he enjoyed covering the USA compared to others teams.


Hallett then talks to Clint Dempsey about the Final.


The Telegraph of England rates the USA upset compared to other all time shockers. (Take a guess what an English paper would list as the #1 big upset of all time - see if you can guess before you look, and let me know how you do. Hint: the key is England.)


Jonathan Wilson of the Guardian breaks down Brazil's 4-2-3-1 formation.


Semifinal Matches & Scores:
-Wed Jun 24
Spain 0-2 USA - USA goals by Jozy Altidore & Clint Dempsey.
-Thu Jun 25
Brazil 1-0 South Africa - Braz goal by Dani Alves.


Final match:
-Sun Jun 28
USA v Brazil - 1:25pm Central on ESPN


The confederations championship tournament kicks off on July 3. Canada v Jamaica and Costa Rica v El Salvador start the proceedings.


Word from Chicago and Section 8 is that Jon Busch is the emergency keeper on the USA roster and will not be called in unless he is needed. So he stays with the Fire.


The entire USA roster for the tournament was posted here on du Nord yesterday, so look back a bit to find it.


MLS Week 15 Matches:
-Wed Jun 24
Toronto FC 2-0 New York Red Bulls - TFC goals by Pablo Vitti & Dwayne De Rosario.
Venue: BMO Field
Attendance: 20,902
Colorado Rapids 1-1 FC Dallas - CR goal by Omar Cummings. FCD goal by David Ferreira.
Venue: Dick's Sporting Good Park
Attendance: 10,583


This Week's Matches & Scores:
-Tue Jun 23
Cleveland City Stars 2-2 Vancouver Whitecaps
Montreal Impact 1-0 Miami FC Blues
-Thu Jun 25
Charleston Battery v Puerto Rico Islanders


25 Puerto Rico
24 Charleston
24 Carolina
23 Portland
17 Rochester
17 Montreal
16 Miami
- - Out of Playoffs - -
15 Vancouver
11 Austin
9 Cleveland
7 Minnesota


USL First Division Team of the Week
Bill Gaudette - Puerto Rico - Two shutout wins against Charleston
John Ball - Rochester - Two assists in 2-0 win at Austin
David Hayes - Portland - Goal, assist in 5-1 win over Minnesota
John Krause - Puerto Rico - Goal in 1-0 win over Charleston
Cristiano Dias - Miami - Led team to pair of wins at Cleveland
Matt Watson - Carolina - Goal in 1-1 draw at Austin
Michael Callahan - Austin - Assist in 1-1 draw against Carolina
Kwame Sarkodie - Rochester - Goal in 2-0 win at Austin
George Josten - Portland - Goal, assist in 5-1 win over Minnesota
Paulo Araujo - Miami - Goal, assist in pair of wins at Cleveland
Rocco Placentino - Montreal - Goal, assist in 2-1 win over Vancouver


Goalkeeper Bill Gaudette of the Puerto Rico Islander has been named USL First Division Player of the Week.


Official Site


Matchday 2 Matches & Scores:
-Tue Jun 23
Chicago Fire 1-0 Chivas USA - CF goal by Justin Mapp.
Venue: Toyota Park – Bridgeview IL
Attendance: 9,126
San Luis 3-1 UANL Tigres - SL goals by Braulio Luna & Jose Reyes(2). UANL goals by Juan Pablo Garcia Contreras.
Venue: Toyota Park – Bridgeview IL
-Wed Jun 24
New England Revolution 1-1 Kansas City Wizards - NER goals by Kheli Dube. KCW goals by Darrius Barnes(OG).
Venue: Gillette Stadium – Foxborough MA
Attendance: 5,378
Match report by Kyle McCarthy of the Boston Herald.
Match report from the Boston Globe.
Santos Laguna 0-0 Atlas - 8pm Central
Venue: Gillette Stadium – Foxborough MA


All games are broadcast on Telefutura.


Michael Videira - New England - Red Card
Francisco Torres - Santos Laguna - Red Card


(After 2 of 3 Rounds Played)
Group A
6 Chicago Fire
3 UANL Tigres
3 San Luis
0 Chivas USA
Group B
4 New England Revolution
2 Kansas City Wizards
2 Atlas
1 Santos Laguna


Matchday 3 Matches & Scores:
-Sat Jun 27
Chicago Fire v UANL Tigres - 7pm Central
Venue: Toyota Park – Bridgeview IL
Chivas USA v San Luis - 9pm Central
Venue: The Home Depot Center – Carson CA
-Sun Jun 28
New England Revolution v Atlas - 3:30pm Central
Venue: Gillette Stadium – Foxborough MA
Kansas City Wizards v Santos Laguna - 5:30pm Central
Venue: CommunityAmerica Ballpark – Kansas City KS


Stefan Fatsis of Sports Illustrated writes about the struggle the beautiful game still has in making a serious impact in America.


Football Italia talks to American players about joining Serie A teams.


El Tri-Color beat Venezuela 4-0 last night in Atlanta, as they warm up for the Gold Cup. Goals came from Giovani Dos Santos(2), Carlos Vela & Omar Arellano.


Reuters reports on the financial collapse of Setanta UK who were one of the huge bidders for English Premier League games. (thanks to Joe for his one)
-As a side note to this story - ESPN has bought the UK rights from Setanta at a significantly reduced price.


Rob Smyth of the Guardian has been giving us some history lessons lately, and they are very good. This one looks back at the 1990-91 Sampdoria team that won their only scudetto.


Cruzeiro get off to a great start in the semifinals winning 3-1 at home over fellow Brazilian team Gremio. Match report from Yahoo Sports.
-Yahoo Sports is also reporting an possible incident of racism in this game.


1st Leg Matches:
-Wed Jun 24
Cruzeiro 3-1 Gremio - Cruz goals by Wellington Paulista, Porter Wagner & Fabihno. Grem goal by Souza.
-Thu Jun 25
Estudiantes v Nacional
2nd Leg Matches:
-Wed Jul 1
Nacional v Estudiantes
-Thu Jul 2
Gremio v Cruzeiro (1-3)


4 Iranian national team players who showed solidarity with protestors over the recent elections in their country have all been given a lifetime ban from the team. Ah, tyrants, what a lovely little bunch they are. FIFA is supposedly investigating this allegation.


The Leg-Breaking-Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov has been named the new head coach of Mamelodi Sundowns in Pretoria South Africa.


Anonymous Doug said...

Oh, wow, I hope the news about Michael Bradley is wrong. There is absolutely no excuse for that, especially since he had about 10 minutes to cool off what with stoppage time, celebrations, etc.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Demko said...

we have dentists.

Oh man, what a bummer.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Kevin A. said...

I was bummed to hear about Wells' passing. The world of journalism will sadly be a much more "sanitized" place now that he's gone. His blunt nature was refreshing, enthralling & maddening-often in the same paragraph-and I used to read his work to try and better my own writing.

Kevin A.--

8:30 AM  
Anonymous leper said...

For what it's worth, there has apparently been no mention of any Bradley postgame incident anywhere except that one source. Which is apparently more on the Make Stuff Up Tabloid end of the spectrum than the Legitimate Sports Newspaper end of the spectrum in terms of Spanish media. That doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I'd at least wait for a little more confirmation before worrying too much about it.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Before you react to the allegation that an ESPN commentator actually said "twitchily" regarding Tim Howard, you should do a little bit of homework to CONFIRM if that really was said.
Then, you can provide the actual name of the commentator, rather than lazily holding the collective ESPN anchors responsible.

Otherwise, it's unfair to publicly condemn ESPN for an unconfirmed allegation.

Keep in mind, the obnoxious SportsCenter anchors can recite the 1978 New York Yankees' lineup off the top of their heads, but they don't know anything about the sport of soccer. My initial guess is that they don't even know Tim Howard suffers from Tourette's---if the comment was made, the anchor probably just saw a couple minutes of footage and noticed Howard was twitching occasionally.

David Letterman made a crack about A-Rod having sex with Governor Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter who was recently attending a Yankees game with the Governor, and all the cultural elites defended it by saying it was "just a harmless joke."
Then they made the pathetic excuse that he was ACTUALLY talking about the Governor's 18 year old daughter who was 5,000 miles away in Alaska at the time. Of course, that wouldn't have made sense within the context of the joke because the joke was that the daughter was RIGHT THERE IN THE STADIUM FOR A-ROD TO HAVE SEX WITH IN BETWEEN INNINGS.

The point is, left wingers such as yourself are all for making fun of someone---just as long as it isn't YOUR sacred cow.

1:16 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i always love anonymous people giving us lectures on how to live our lives

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who knew Bill O'Reilly was a Du Nord fan?

Sleepy LaBeef

2:06 PM  
Anonymous bikebali said...

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