Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bass In Your Face Not An Eight-Track News

by Zach Dundas, Special Correspondent.

See? No one can do it like Bruce The Bruce does it, and when someone else tries, the results are dubious at best. Still, through clerical error or a failure in personal judgement, the Lord of the North invited me to "pinch-hit" (what would the football equivalent be? to make a rare first-team appearance in a Carling Cup game?) for him today. And while I'll do my best, I thought I should come up with something, as the British comedy troupes like to say, completely different.

Self-promotional biographical blah-de-blah: I'm a writer in Portland, land of the free, home of the Timbers, and I soccerblog, more or less randomly, at Eleven Devils. I also hire out to mags, newspapers, Web-thingies and private parties who are clean, respectful and discreet. I got to know Bruce through my work on a book slated for publication next year which will include a hefty whack of reporting on MLS, soccer fandom, the strange new realities of football in the 'States and various unfortunate personal habits. Working title: The Renegade Sportsman. Mark your calendars.

Now, on with it: for your amusement and edification today, we have two EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with a couple of the football blogosphere's most distinctive voices. Round One, coming in moments...


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