Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who's Got The 10 1/2 News

-The Grown Ass Man, Eddie Johnson, is done for the year. He has two stress fractures that have caused a lot of trouble since May, and specialists have determined he has to stay off that foot for at least 3 or 4 more weeks.
-MLS scores from Wednesday night:
Dallas 2-1 Columbus - knocks the Crew officially OUT of the playoffs (7 of the 8 teams now confirmed). Ramon Nunez continues his great play for Dallas with the winning goal in 2nd half extra time!
Chicago 2-2 Metrostars - The good news is that Mo Johnston picks up a point in his first game as Mets coach. The bad news is that they blew a 2-0 lead as Chris Armas scored in the 90th minute and then Jack Stewart tied it in extra time. Two vital points dropped! Add to that: Chicago point verifies their place in the post season. Both teams had a player tossed - Met's Ante Razov in the 80th for being a dick(?), and Chic's Will Johnson in the 90th for being an idiot(?).
Colorado 1-1 Chivas - My man Dedi scored his 4th(!!!) for Colo, but his teammates gifted Chivas with an own goal for the draw. Dedi Ben Dayan has scored in 4 straight games, while only joining the team 6 games ago, and didn't start in the first two. Over 28,000 attended the game, mainly because a match between Mexican powerhouse's Guadalajara and Cruz Azul followed immediately after. By the way, Matt Taylor of Chivas missed several more good chances that were actually harder to miss than to score. He has done this for 31 consecutive games now. An impressive record.
Salt Lake 1-3 DC - The big black sledgehammer from the District is firing up its engines to full throttle, and the Fake from Salt Lake were in the way. Bobby Boswell got back into the defensive action DC and promptly scored again. Freddy Adu scored again too, then assisted Christian Gomez on the third. I would really hate to go against them in the playoffs.
-ADDITION: In case you haven't seen Freddy Adu's goal against Salt Lake, you can see it here. It's a true work of art. Let me try and describe it too: Adu gathers in a poor pass from RSL in the center of the pitch about 50 yards out from goal. With his back to the approaching defender he flicks the ball up and backwards for a perfect sombrero over the defender. Freddy spins away from his marker and races toward the ball and goal. He touches the ball with his head to control it. Takes it with his feet, flying toward defender Nelson Akwari. Adu splits Akwari and another defender and blows by them like they are road signs, then slides to the left side of the box. As keeper DJ Countess comes out of the net to try and stop the shot, Adu simply left foots it to the far post at full speed. So easy, and yet very few players on earth can do it. Even less can do it that quickly. The whole thing takes 9 seconds. Glorious!
-See all the other Wednesday night goals and highlights at MLS Sights & Sounds.
-Here are the MLS East & West Division Tables:
EAST (all teams have 2 games left to play)
55 New England
53 DC United
49 Chicago
43 Kansas City
41 Metrostars
34 Columbus (OUT)
WEST (all teams have 2 games left to play - except LA & Chivas who both have 1, and are off this weekend ahead)
60 San Jose
46 FC Dallas
45 Los Angeles
41 Colorado
19 Salt Lake (OUT)
18 Chivas USA (OUT)
-With the weekend off Chivas USA is teaming up with the real Chivas from Guadalajara (the Mothership) to play a benefit game on Sunday at Home Depot Center to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Their opponent will be Mexican team Santos.
-The stingy pukes, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, who own the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors are now stepping up with actual money to help build a stadium for their potential MLS team. They want to start play in 2007. Let's hope they are a little more pro-active with this team then they are with the NBA Raptors who have stunk from day one, and show no sign of unstinking.
-Metrostarer Youri Djorkaeff profile from USA Today.
-Santino Quaranta is featured in a video interview today from US Soccer.
-Top 5 Standings in the Argentina Apertura (after 10 rounds):
23 Boca Juniors
21 Argentinos Juniors
20 Velez Sarsfield
18 Independiente
17 Banfield
-Top 5 Standings in the Brazlian Championship (after 30 rounds - some games are being replayed due to a referees admittance that he took bribes to throw matches - those results have been tossed out of the standings):
56 Corinthians (28 played)
53 Goias (30 played)
52 Internacional (29 played)
49 Palmeiras (30 played)
48 Fluminense (28 played)
48 Santos (29 played)
48 Parana (30 played)
-Did ya ever want to know a little more about John Guppy (it probably couldn't hurt since the dude gets so much abuse from so many of us who know little or nothing about him), the new Chicago Pres. The Chicago Daily Southtown does these profiles pretty regularly and they are usually decent. I want to thank them for that.
-Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald went to Chicago last night to see how the Post-Bradley Metrostars performed. Here is his game report.
-Jonathan Woodgate blubbers about how nice the Real Madrid fans have been to him. (Use babytalk voice:) Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww, isn't that special for wittew Jonny.
-Word from Italy is that AC Milan are in serious discussions to leave Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (aka the San Siro), and build their own somewhere else in the city. They say they like the stadium ("It's one of the least worst in Serie A." - What a brilliant quote that is!!!!!!!) but need their own space.


Blogger Zathras said...

No mention of the shameful dive from the Hobbit Jamie Watson to win that PK for RSL?

3:29 PM  
Blogger D said...

I have no problem with Watson's play. He felt contact, he may even have legitimately slipped and gone down, and he got the PK. Fair enough.

4:36 PM  
Blogger tom.elko said...

I love that Adu-Walker-Gomez goal too. Besides its beauty, they cut back to the clip of Gomez beating the drum against the Geo Metrostars.

7:31 PM  

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